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eye treatments


We consist of an experienced team that has been serving in the health sector in Turkey for nearly 20 years.


Our main area of expertise is plastic surgery, eye and dental care and cosmetic dermatology. In addition, we have business partners that we work with in many different medical specialties.

We work with Turkey's best doctors and top quality hospitals in many different specialties.


Turkey health sector provides services at European standards with its modern hospitals, specialist doctors, technological infrastructure and experience. Also, Turkey is a center of attraction in terms of health tourism with its geographical location, health institutions it has, trained and educated manpower in the sector and natural beauties.  In 2018, 700,000 foreigners visited Turkey just to take advantage of their excellent medical treatment and care services. Overall, 32 per cent of the country’s patients are medical tourists !

direct flight

Direct Flight

Save Time

You can go to Istanbul by direct flight (Turkish Airlines) from many East African countries (eg Uganda). This will save you time and provide convenience. Since there is no time zone difference with Istanbul, you can start your treatment even on the day you land.

Istanbul Airport, in Turkey, is also considered as one of the world’s largest and modern airports. Turkish Airlines also offer a special discount for medical travellers

jci certificate


Turkey has the highest number of JCI Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals. 29 hospitals, which equals 3% of all JCI accredited healthcare organizations in the world, are operating in Istanbul. So you have more affordable treatment without sacrificing the quality of service.

Also there is no need to wait for a schedule for elective surgeries or procedures in Turkey.


Remove Language Barrier

No matter what language you speak, we have well-equipped staff who can easily communicate with you.


Therefore, you will not have communication problems from the first time you contact us until the end of your treatment.

save money

Save Money

In general, surgeries in Turkey can be up to 90 per cent cheaper, and 67 percent of those who travel abroad take advantage of this for their private hospital treatment.


That speaks a lot about how affordable their medical offers are. 



 In addition to the available high-quality facilities, medical tourists have access to thermal spas and health care programs that incorporate five-star hotel accommodation into their package.

Turkey follows the developments simultaneously with the world leaders in many medical specialties and even leads many developed countries in new technical applications. Despite providing the same high health standards and quality services, Turkey is more economical than many countries in many areas.

In Turkey, where you can reach by direct flight from many countries, patients are hosted by health consultants who speak their own language. Moreover, Turkish Airlines also offer a special discount for medical travellers. If you calculate the total expense of your surgery, your travel fee, and accommodation, the cost would still be cheaper compared to getting the same surgery in most western countries. So why not have a holiday at the same time ?

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