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arm and leg lifting


It is possible to see sagging and cracks in the arms and legs after excessive weight gain and loss in the arm and leg area, sagging as a result of decreased elasticity of the skin in advanced ages or due to genetic predisposition at earlier ages.

Conditions such as loosening and reduction of the subcutaneous support tissue in the arms and legs, excessive and inappropriate accumulation of adipose tissue may cause the need for this surgery on the arms and legs.

With arm and leg stretching, you can have more tense, younger looking arms and legs.


Most people have sagging on their body for some reason. Due to relaxation, some problems begin to be experienced in the person. In the meantime, the arm and leg stretching process aims to treat the relaxation in these areas. With the effect of advancing age, the effect of gaining and losing too much weight, the effect of gravity and the effect of sun exposure, sagging usually occurs in the arms and legs of women. Due to these effects, especially the first sagging places are the arms and legs.

This condition, which is treated without the need for surgical intervention in some people, makes arm and leg stretching surgery necessary in some people. Sagging, especially in the inner parts of the legs, causes the legs to rub against each other, and therefore irritations begin to occur in the inner parts of the legs. In order to prevent these situations from continuing, leg and arm stretching operation is recommended for people who see a doctor.


Deteriorations may occur in the body due to aging, rapid weight loss and pregnancy. These deteriorations are the result of changes in the structures, shapes and arrangement of collagen and aesthetic fibers in the body. These impairments are also seen in the legs, which are the organs of the body that are limited from the groin to the sole and are used for walking.

Leg stretching aesthetics is an operation performed to stretch the sagging in the inner parts of the upper leg, also called "thigh", and to remove fat accumulation. The main purpose of the leg stretching operation is not to thin the entire leg area. The operation also aims to remove the loosening of the skin on the thighs and the fluctuations in this area. In addition, aesthetic procedures such as fat removal and regional thinning can be applied during the operation, considering the patient's demand and skin quality, along with the actual procedure. In addition, tummy tuck surgery can be added to the operation upon request.

Many factors can cause sagging in the upper leg. Lubrication can also be observed during the examination.

However, if sagging is more dominant, leg stretching is also applied after the surgeon's diagnosis. During the leg lift operation, additional liposuction may be needed.

This procedure can be applied because sagging can be seen at an early age in the legs of individuals with skin type that tends to deteriorate or who gain and lose weight frequently.

Leg stretching is generally much more common among women aged 40 and over. Depending on age, the problem of skin deterioration and sagging also becomes evident and stands out from an aesthetic point of view.

The reason why leg lift aesthetics is common in women; The reason is that the thigh and hip areas are wider and inclined to sag due to the effect of the estrogen hormone secreted in the body of women.


Due to factors such as age, genetics, excessive weight gain and loss, sagging, size and deformities may occur in the arms as a result of decreased skin elasticity and an increase or decrease in subcutaneous fat tissue. These deformations, which cause the person to look old and unhealthy, can be corrected by arm lift surgery. With arm lift, the person can have more taut and younger looking arms.

Processes that cause rapid weight loss such as heavy diets and stomach reduction will cause sagging in the arms as well as in the whole body. In addition, sagging in the arms may occur due to environmental and hereditary reasons such as aging and overexposure to sunlight.

This situation not only creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also negatively affects the psychology of the person.

Before the operation, the arms are opened to both sides and detailed planning and drawings are made. The skin that is not excessive is marked only in such a way that it provides sufficient tension and does not disturb the arm contour.

Depending on the sagging rate of the skin and the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, the surgical technique to be performed is decided. If there is a skin loosening due to weight gain and loss, the thickness of the skin may be too high. Then, the procedure called liposuction is applied first. The liposuction procedure is followed by the surgical removal of the abundant skin. Sometimes the abundance of skin remains limited to the armpits.

In this case, the abundance of skin can be recovered by leaving a limited scar that can be hidden under the armpit. In most cases, the abundance of skin is in the form of a bagging that continues up to the elbow. When faced with such a situation, a scar is left on the inside of the back of the arm. And so arm stretching is done. In addition, this trace is not visible when viewed from the front or the back.


There can be difficult times in everyone's life. If weight is lost after a period of intense weight gain, it is not possible for the enlarged skin to recover immediately. Regional lubrication is also a problem that does not go away for some people. Imperfections in areas like our arm, which are always in sight, bother us. It is very difficult to wear a t-shirt or other clothing, especially in summer. Loving one's body is important for maintaining a healthy life. That's why arm and leg stretching operations are of great importance.

Aesthetic operations are generally known as last resort methods. But sometimes it can become an urgent need for everyone. Arm and leg stretching operations are generally short-term and do not have a long recovery period. However, if there is a large-scale problem, the process may take longer. The professionalism and experience of the place chosen for this process is very important. In addition, the doctor who will perform the operation must also be experienced. Such transactions are no longer risky. However, it is imperative that the doctor and the hospital have a professional approach that follows the technology.


What Should Be Considered After Leg Lift Surgery?

If the following points are taken into consideration after leg lift surgery, the recovery process will be more comfortable and the patient will achieve the result they expect from the operation.

The points to be considered after leg lift surgery are as follows;

  • The first 3 weeks should be rested. After one and a half months, you can return to normal life.

  • After the operation, there should be a bandage on the suture for the first 2 days and a light dressing should be applied.

  • There is no need to remove the sutures under the skin. Stitches heal within 2 weeks. After a month, the stitch marks begin to disappear.

  • In this process, the seams should be protected from the sun.

  • Until the healing process, the sutures should be protected, attention should be paid to hygiene and heavy movements should not be made.

  • You can take a shower 2 days after the operation. After 3 weeks, sports activities can be done except jogging.

  • In the first days after the operation, the legs should be kept above the level of the heart.

  • Cotton underwear should be used for the first month and a corset should be worn.

How Long Does Arm Lift Surgery Take?

Arm lift surgery is a surgical operation that usually takes 1-3 hours, depending on the condition of the region.

Is Arm Lift Surgery a Painful Operation?

This operation is not painful. However, mild aches and pains may be felt after the surgery. These aches and pains will disappear over time, thanks to the painkillers your doctor will give you.

Can Non-Surgical Arm Lift Be Performed?

The only option that can be applied to stretch the loose and sagging arm is surgical operation. It is not possible to obtain the results obtained with arm lift surgery with medical aesthetic applications.

How is Leg Lift Surgery Performed?

Leg stretching surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the operation is completed in 1-3 hours.

Patients with thick skin are treated with liposuction. Sagging skin and fat tissues are surgically removed. The operation ends with the stretching of the skin and suturing.

After the leg lift operation, the patient can be discharged on the same day or the next day.

Will there be any scars after leg lifting operation?

In the leg stretching operation, excess skin is removed according to the rate of sagging. The more effective the sagging in the inner parts of the leg, the greater the scar of the operation. In some cases, skin sagging is limited to the groin area. In this case, the incision is made only in the groin area. After the surgery, the incision scars are sutured so that they are hidden inside the underwear.

Can sagging legs and tummy tuck operations be combined?

In the process of losing excess weight, a general sagging occurs in the body. In this case, sagging occurs in the legs and abdomen. Tummy tuck operation can also be performed during leg sagging surgery. In this way, an aesthetic appearance is obtained in the leg and abdomen areas. These procedures, combined in the same surgery, also reduce costs.

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