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forehead brow lift


Normally, there are horizontal lines on the forehead, the length and depth of which differ from person to person, in accordance with the muscle structure. In the area called glabella between the eyebrows, these lines become vertical in accordance with the underlying muscle structure. As in other areas of the face, sagging of the skin, relaxation and an increase in wrinkles occur as a result of aging on the forehead. This situation manifests itself in the form of falling in the eyebrows. The drooping of the eyebrows causes the person to have a tired-looking facial expression. In forehead lift and eyebrow lifting surgeries, the eyebrows are lifted and the forehead is made smoother and wrinkles are reduced. In patients with only droopy eyebrows, eyebrow lifting operations are mostly performed independently of forehead lift.


Forehead & Brow Lift surgery is used in the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead and especially intensified wraps around the eyebrows. The sagging of the eyebrows and the wrinkles on the forehead create a tired, angry, sad expression on the face of the person that does not reflect the true character and mood of the individual. Low eyebrows can add years to your facial appearance. With forehead lift / brow lift surgery, sagging skin on the forehead can be improved, wrinkles can be treated, and eyebrows can be raised to a position more compatible with youth.

Individuals who are disturbed by low eyebrows and signs of aging on the forehead benefit greatly from this surgery. As a general principle, forehead lift surgeries; It is suitable for people with deep wrinkles that cannot be removed by filling, botulinum toxin injections or other methods. In general, candidates for this procedure often desire the correction of the following problems:

  • Tired, sad, unhappy expression on face

  • Deep forehead wrinkles

  • The "frown" lines between the eyebrows

  • Stacked skin/fat tissue on the eyelids

  • The most important factor in eyebrow drooping and forehead aging is the natural aging process due to aging. Other influential factors include sun damage, intense life stress, genetic predisposition, gender, facial expression, and lifestyle.

Sagging and wrinkling are a result of the loosening of the skin during the aging process, and unfortunately, it is not possible for an individual to stop this process with what he/she does/does not do. Although factors such as protection from the sun, a healthy lifestyle, and taking good care of your skin have positive effects on forehead aging, we can say that the best, most effective and most permanent treatment of forehead skin laxity and low eyebrows are surgical treatments gathered under the heading of forehead lift/eyebrow lift. .


Forehead lift operation can be performed with two different methods. These methods are classical forehead lift and endoscopic forehead lift operations. In the classical forehead lift operation, an incision is made under the scalp and excess skin that causes sagging in the forehead is removed. In the endoscopic method, all muscles and tissues can be seen clearly with the help of the camera at the end of this device. This procedure is done through a very small incision. Excess skin is removed with the help of the device until the eyebrow and forehead skin reaches the point where it should be. The recovery time of the endoscopic operation is much shorter. Forehead lift eyebrow lifting is a comfortable procedure for the patient and can go home the same day, regardless of the method applied. Correct operation technique is very important to obtain a successful result. The doctor first performs a physical examination to decide on the type of operation. During the examination, he questions the patient's past health history, age and chronic diseases.


There are some reasons for forehead lift eyebrow lifting operation. Therefore, it varies from person to person. In general, the reasons for the operation are; Loss of elasticity and sagging of the skin due to the cessation of collagen production, The drooping skin shifts the eyebrows to a lower region than where they should be, The person's visual angle decreases and eyelid problems due to muscle fall, The lines formed on the forehead and low eyebrows constantly create a tired appearance, Age showing more than he is and constantly creating an unhappy image. Even one of these reasons is enough to decide on the operation. People who cannot spare time for personal care and cannot do skin care regularly in their busy work schedule are open to skin problems. Therefore, signs of aging are very clearly visible. With such operations, they can save time by providing great advantages.


Low eyebrow problem causes a tired, unhappy and old expression, and the difference in curvature between the eyebrows also makes eyebrow lifting a necessity.

Just like the forehead lift, the eyebrow lift is applied by opening small incisions on the scalp and stretching from the upper eyelid level. Temporal stretching is a combined procedure with eyebrow lifting, if necessary, these two procedures are performed at the same time.

Eyebrow Lifting can be done with both surgery and lifting method, i.e. suspension. In the surgical method, the permanence of the procedure performed with general anesthesia is lifelong. However, considering the mobility of the muscles over the years, we can say that it is a repeatable process. Suspension with local anesthesia depends on the permanence of the medical threads. Permanent threads between 3-5 years are used. The method of eyebrow lifting is decided according to the patient's expectation, the rate of eyebrow droop and the doctor's opinion.


What is Healing Process After Forehead & Brow Lift Surgery ?

Recovery after this procedure and return to social life vary according to the type of surgery and the individual characteristics of the patient. Stitches and hair fixations are removed within 10 days. Swelling and bruising regress to a level that can be mixed with social life with a light make-up within 1-2 weeks. Lying with your head elevated after the procedure will speed up the healing process. Postoperative pain is at a level that can be controlled with mild painkillers and patients can take a bath in the morning after surgery. Mostly, at the end of the first week, patients can leave the painkiller treatment and return to work life. Routine exercise activities can be resumed within 3-4 weeks.

Will there be any scars in forehead lift and eyebrow lift surgery?

Although there are scars in forehead lift surgery performed due to forehead lines, there are many different methods to hide scars. Traces can be hidden in the scalp area 5-6 cm behind the hairline or in the hair in the endoscopic forehead lift method. The scar left by each technique of eyebrow lifting has advantages and disadvantages depending on the physiological characteristics from person to person. The doctor decides which technique to choose among the eyebrow lifting methods after examining the patient.

What is Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery? How is it done?

Brow lift operation or eyebrow lift aesthetics can be performed using many different methods. Today, with the development of medical technology, the most up-to-date and most frequently applied technique is endoscopic eyebrow lifting. Endoscopic brow lift surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia supplemented with sedative drugs. Minimally invasive, or in other words, small incisions are made on the inner and outer lines of the hairline to raise the eyebrows. Thanks to the optical imaging tool and endoscopic hand tools, the eyebrows are lifted up from the underside of the skin. It is also possible to reshape the eyebrows during this procedure. The operation ends with the closure of the incision scars. There is almost no scarring in the brow lift surgery performed with the endoscopic method. Since the existing scar remains on the scalp, it is not possible to notice it from the outside. After the operation, the swollen appearance is less and for a short time. Postoperative pain is less and the recovery process is fast.

Who is the eyebrow lift operation applied to?

Eyes and nose and eyebrows in certain proportions and angles give the face its characteristic feature. Low-looking eyebrows, both physiologically and due to aging, lead to a tired, low-energy and unhappy expression. The downward facing outer edges give a sad stance. In addition, while the eyebrows are more straight in men, they are more curved in women, making a difference according to gender. Thanks to the eyebrow lift surgery, the eyebrows are lifted and replaced, and unhappy and low-energy people regain their old dynamic and impressive appearance thanks to the eyebrow aesthetics after the operation.

Is Brow Lift Permanent?

With the effect of gravity, the skin wears out over the years, the bones wear out and the tissue under the skin loses its firmness. As a result, the eyebrows go down a little. In people who are genetically predisposed, this can occur at a much earlier age. With eyebrow lifting aesthetic methods, eyebrows can be restored and even reshaped. While some of the eyebrow lift operations are permanent, some are temporary. For example, the eyebrow suspension method can be permanent for up to 2 years, despite the new methods developed. However, in classical brow lift and endoscopic brow lift surgeries, the popularity of which has been increasing in recent years, the results are quite long. Even in these methods, known as permanent eyebrow lifting, the eyebrows may not be in the position taken after the surgery years later, as the person continues to use mimics and gets older.

What are the Advantages of Forehead Lift and Brow Lift Surgery ?

Forehead lift and brow lift surgery offers some advantages. After the operation, the person's visual angle increases and he starts to see more comfortably. Recovery time is very short. Within 10 days, the person can return to his normal life. Looks and physical appearance become completely young, lively and energetic. Eyebrows get a more proportional and natural look. The incisions are not visible because they are removed from the scalp. There are two criteria that you need to pay attention to in order to benefit from the advantages of forehead lift and eyebrow lift operations. The first criterion is the selection of a surgeon who is specialized in this field and gives importance to natural appearance. The second criterion is that the operation is performed in a full-fledged hospital.

How Long Does the Brow Lift Process Take?

If the eyebrow lift is applied alone, it can usually be completed in 20 minutes. However, depending on the age of the patient, skin elasticity and sagging in the face area, forehead lift and eyebrow lift operation can be applied in combination. In such cases, the operation may take 1 hour. The method of the operation and the degree of sagging of the person are the factors affecting the duration of the operation. In addition, the hand experience of the surgeon performing the procedure is another important factor in terms of time. Since successful and experienced surgeons complete this operation in a short time, they also shorten the recovery time of the patients. The shorter the duration of medical practices, the shorter the recovery times of the patients.

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