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nipple reconstruction


Genetically, the smallness or size of the nipples creates an aesthetically unsatisfactory appearance, and it can also create functional problems. With the help of new generation technical methods and under the control of a specialist doctor, nipple aesthetics can be applied quite easily today. This operation is important, especially since the sunken nipple can reach dimensions that prevent breastfeeding after birth.

Depending on the collapsed breast problem, the process of insufficient development of the milk ducts occurs. As a result of this situation, the breastfeeding process creates a significant problem. Of course, large or small breast size, which does not cause any harm medically, can disturb the person aesthetically. Particularly, the fact that it stands out over the clothes affects the social life and can cause a loss of self-confidence.


Although breast augmentation or reduction operations usually come to mind when breast aesthetic operations are mentioned, the collapse, size or smallness of the nipples can cause serious problems both aesthetically and functionally. Depressed nipples indicate a serious health problem as well as aesthetics. A collapsed nipple may be in dimensions that prevent breastfeeding after birth. This may mean that the milk ducts connected to the nipple are not sufficiently developed. In both cases, the breastfeeding process can be difficult. Nipple Aesthetic Surgery is required for women who experience such problems.

There is generally no medical problem for the nipples to be larger or smaller than they should be, but this causes an unesthetic appearance. Large nipples can also be socially disturbing, especially since they can be prominently visible under women's clothes.

One of the factors that damage the appearance of the nipple is that the rings around the nipple are wider than normal. Likewise, size differences can be seen between the two nipples and between the rings. In such cases, it may be necessary to apply for nipple surgery.

Considering how important breast aesthetics is in terms of adolescence, it can be understood that these problems are not to be underestimated.


While evaluating the breast, it should be considered as a whole and evaluated by considering the nipple or shape and proportional harmony. But people can sometimes be uncomfortable with only one area, sometimes with the appearance of the nipple. Although it is common, people usually apply to plastic surgeons less frequently for this reason. Nipple problems can take many forms. But the most common one is the inversion of the nipples, which is called “inversion”. This condition is commonly seen in women who have given birth or have small breasts.

In the treatment of patients with sunken nipples, if the breast is small, breast augmentation surgery is often sufficient to correct the nipples. Because when the silicone implant pushes the breast tissue outward, the collapsed nipple comes out again and gains a natural appearance. The criterion here is that the nipple becomes prominent outward when squeezed during palpation. This group of patients benefit greatly from breast augmentation surgery. If aesthetic breast surgery will not be performed or if the breast is already large, an operation can be performed that makes the nipple clear and keeps it upright. This is a simple operation performed under local anesthesia. The most commonly applied technique is the extraction and clarification of the nipple with flaps prepared from the brown area of ​​the breast. Although it gives successful results, it can prevent breastfeeding and reduce the brown area in the breast. Therefore, before applying it to young girls who have not given birth or to patients with small areolas, the patients should be well informed and the profit and loss calculations should be made. But it may be the ideal method for middle-aged female patients who do not expect children. Fat or filler injections may be considered for younger patients.

Asymmetry in the nipples is another common problem. One of the nipples can be large and the other can be small. In this case, the generally preferred method is to reduce the large nipple.

One of the other breast problems is that the dark colored part around the nipple is wider than normal or it is asymmetrical between the two breasts. In this case, it can be easily corrected by reducing the wide side.

Excessively large nipples can also be uncomfortable while wearing clothes or in one's private life. This problem can be solved by reducing the nipples. Again, suitable candidates for this procedure are women who are not breastfeeding candidates.

Nipple cracks or nipple irregularities are another problem. Its treatment is the same as in other corrective surgical procedures.

The nipple may not be congenital or after breast cancer. This condition can involve both the nipple and the brown part of the breast. In the treatment, the nipple is made from the surrounding tissues. The brown area around the nipple can be created with a skin patch taken from the area between the skin of the outer lip of the vagina and the groin. Because the skin color of this area is very close to the skin color in the brown area of ​​the breast. Therefore, the color tone gives a look close to the original. Alternatively, medical tattooing can be applied.

Nipple problems can be corrected with surgical methods. Determining the appropriate method for the appropriate patient is the most important criterion.


First of all, those who have complaints about the appearance of the nipple should consult a doctor. It should not be forgotten that these aesthetic procedures are a surgical intervention. Therefore, the patient should not have a health problem that prevents the operation. However, it is inconvenient to have an operation during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. It would be beneficial for women to leave these periods behind first and then plan the surgery.

Every woman who has physically completed the adult period and is not visually satisfied with the nipple can have this plastic surgery. In addition, operational intervention can be performed in the face of certain diseases that cause distortions in the shape of the nipples.

– Chest trauma,

– Breast sagging,

– Cancer,

– Damage due to burns or similar traumatic problems,

With these and other similar problems, women who do not like the appearance of the nipple aesthetically can safely undergo this operation under the control of a specialist surgeon.


One of the most frequently asked questions is the recovery period after the surgery. 

  • After the surgery, the nipple tissue does not take its full shape immediately.

  • It is necessary to wait at least a few months in order to clearly see the appearance gained by the operation.

  • It is normal to have redness and edema in the treated area after the surgery.

  • Redness and mild swelling disappear spontaneously after a short time

  • There may be mild pain after the surgery, in such cases pain medication prescribed by the doctor can be used.

  • Depending on the intervention and the patient's condition, 1 - 2 days of clinical rest may be required.

  • Sometimes patients are discharged on the same day and can rest at home.

  • After the surgery, it is necessary to avoid movements that force the body excessively until the healing process is completed.

  • You should stay away from environments such as sauna, Turkish bath, sea or pool for a while.

  • Antibiotic medication may be prescribed by the doctor against the risk of infection after the operation, regular use of this drug is extremely important.

  • It may be necessary to use a sports bra for approximately 2 weeks.

  • Until the healing is complete, the body should be avoided from very tight clothes.


Does Nipple Aesthetic Surgery Prevent Breastfeeding?

Developing medical techniques can easily ensure that the milk ducts are not damaged during nipple surgery. Therefore, there is no obstacle to breastfeeding in nipple surgery. On the contrary, the surgery will enable women with sunken nipples to be able to breastfeed easily.

Does nipple reduction cause cancer?

Nipple reduction surgery does not cause cancer. However, one should be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer such as nipple retraction, change in color and appearance of the skin of the nipple, pain and discharge from the nipple, and in these cases, a doctor should be consulted. If there is any doubt about these issues, it should be examined whether there is an underlying pathology before nipple reduction surgery.

Are the results of nipple aesthetics permanent?

It corrects the flat appearance of the nipples, increases the nipple protrusion, making the appearance of the breast normal and attractive. It is permanent for life.

What are the benefits of nipple aesthetics?

  • Short-term and minimally invasive procedure

  • Gentle solution to ingrown nipple problem

  • Enhances sexual life

  • Improves breast aesthetics

Will there be any scars after nipple aesthetics?

Whether or not there is a scar after nipple aesthetics depends on the problem and the technique applied. It is natural to have a slight scar in the area where the incision is made on the nipple and therefore the stitched area, this scar will become lighter as time goes by.

The edema, redness and scar that will occur after the operation gradually decrease and become integrated with the skin color. It is necessary to wait a few months for the result of the procedure to be fully seen.

What should be considered before the operation?

Nail polish, jewelry and lenses should be removed before the operation. It is recommended that patients quit or reduce smoking approximately 2-3 weeks before surgery. The use of drugs and herbal teas with blood thinning properties should be stopped. Patients should inform their physicians of the drugs they need to use during the examination and the planning should be done accordingly.

What are the causes of nipple problems?

Aesthetic problems in the nipple can occur due to genetic factors, congenital, developmental reasons, some infections, accidents, burns and cancer. The breastfeeding period can also cause some deformations in the nipple.

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